What is a "hempatic taramocious" species?

A hempatic taramocious species is a type of inanimate object which has the ability to think and act on its own; it contains consciousness of unknown origins, is typically incredibly dangerous, and has strange aspects.
For example, P52 is an inanimate object (pillow) and has the characteristics of an animate object. P52 has a family of its own, a personality, and will consume humans aged 13-19. P52 having a personality means it is conscious (unknown from where), having strange aspects (leaks feathers from stress), and being dangerous (will consume minors when hungry) all result in its categorization as a hepmatic taramocious species.

The containment of hempatic taramocious species is crucial for human survival, and making sure their needs are met is incredibly important. A good example of this is Bird Bath 392, or BB392. BB392 is a regular birdbath, except that it feeds on 3 birds daily. Otherwise, the birdbath will grow legs from its support and walk through anything at a set pace of 8 kilometers per hour (~5 miles per hour), consuming the nearest living being whether it be another hempatic taramocious species or a regular species from earth. After this, it will return to its chamber and simply continue living its life. This helps show that not meeting the needs of our delicate species will result in significant damage to all those around.

In summary,

In order for a species to be labelled as hempatic taramocious, they must:
A) be conscious,
B) have unusual aspects that sets it apart from a regular species on earth,
C) have some type of danger associated with the being (optional).