What is Antikoa? A brief summary:

Antikoa (short for "anti-koalampia"; Koalampia is where our home base is located and a small state governed by KHS) is an enemy of the KHS and is actively trying to take down our organization. According to the antikoa we have "no ethics" and are "barbaric war pigs incapable of feeling emotion with an ininsatiable hatred towards human life" with little care for our hempatic taramocious species. This, of course, is completely false and never will be true. For these ridiculous beliefs, the Antikoa wants to take down KHS.

We are attempting to silence these blasphemous believers by neutralizing the threats. You are required and have the priveleges to, as an employee of KHS:
-Assassinate any antikoa members
-Report any possible antikoa members to higher ups
-Have a lawyer defend you in court in case a murder you have committed is reported
-Legal protection from murder cases.
If you are aware of an antikoa member's existence within the KHS, report it immediately.

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A Short History of Antikoa

Antikoa first developed in 2032, after a video of one of our ex-employees abusing a hempatic taramocious species was released to the public. The group originally began online, as a group of activists. Over time, they spread lies about our organization, stating that our wanted targets were innocent people who had done nothing wrong against us, that we abused our taramocious species, and that we unjustly hunt down innocents. This is how they recruited employees.

An example of antikoa hate can be found here. In short, antikoa held a violent protest in the streets of Koalampia on June of 2035, burning cars, tagging, and throwing molotov cocktails at KHS's Specialized Protection Division (KSPD). After about an hour of verbal harassment and threats of assault, one protestor rushed a KSPD soldier with a switchblade, resulting in the said soldier to fire rubber bullets into the crowd. This single occurance lead to a large battle between antikoa and KSPD. This resulted in 14 injuries on our end, 2 near fatal, and about US$3.1 million in damages and very tedious paperwork.