Anomalies in Lhugia, Genesis, Mars

Background on Lhugia

Lhugia is a district in Hydreon City, Genesis. It's mostly known for its large population of homeless people.

The Anomalies

There are certain corridors, alleyways, and buildings in the city that have been observed to be home to hempatic taramocious species, such as the picture shown above. This specific alleyway is home to Subject 29583B, an entity that only exists on a phone capable of moving by vibrations. Subject 29583B can make all sorts of shenanigans occur, such as causing a person to levitate, teleporting a piece of bread, or taking control of a citizen and forcing them to murder their spouse. The possibilities are near limitless, as long as the phone is charged. Once the phone dies, then 29583B will not be alive. However, it can be revived by charging the phone, thus making 29583B essentially invinicible.