Property Suicide

Quick Biography of Flora

Flora Ocean Grey was a Mexican American 21-year-old KHS admin assistant. She grew up in a middle class neighborhood in San Bernardino, California. Flora's mother left when she was 4 years old, leaving her under the care of her abusive alcoholic father. This left her with trauma that she was going to therapy for, funded by KHS. She ran away from at 16, and began studying in college for business at 18 but later dropped out and joined KHS on March 26, 2050 at 19 instead. Her work ethic was astonishing. She was a bright bulb, incredibly capable, and among the friendliest assets the company has ever seen. Tragically, the course of her life permanently changed when Joey Gray, her younger brother who was only 12 at the time, was drowned and mutilated in 2051. The killer has yet to be brought to justice, despite the great efforts of KHS' investigation team. This had a major impact on her life, as will be explained soon.

The Depression

The death of Joey took a toll on Flora's well being and overall happiness. Staff say there was an incredibly noticeable shift in her change, from optimistic and generally joyous to depressed and pessimistic. She also began wearing long sleeves, which was unusual of her since she typically wore shirts and pants. KHS investigators determined she was self harming, starving herself, and contemplating suicide. Adding onto this, her boyfriend of 2 years, Lacey Pearce

The Suicide of Flora Ocean Gray

On August 12, 2052, Flora entered company property with a loaded revolver in her bag. She went to the administrative building of KHS, enjoying the view of KHSHQ. She went to the section of the building which holds the CEO of KHS to "have a short discussion about a recent discovery" she had made. The entire incident was recorded on audio tape, which is only available to KHS' highest ranking officials. The transcript is available to the public, if discovered. About 3 minutes into their talk, Flora reached into her bag to show him something and, at 11:56, she shot herself under the chin to CEO Leon Palder's horror. There was a gaping hole in her head and blood splatters throughout the office.

The Aftermath

KHS enforced a policy allowing all employees access to mental health services. Along with this privilege came increased security measures, such as metal detectors in all entrances and a ban of the carrying of firearms by employees on company grounds. Believe it or not, employees were allowed to carry firearms and weapons, with the exception of explosives and corrosive materials, on KHS property.