malice LYRICS

feel like a god whereby i might 
just start a fight and die a villain alright
and to be honest i think im fine with that
smashed two ops with a bat at last nights meet in fact	

i feasted upon their rotting corpses with some fine wine 
it was a real disgusting event but something i find
i think im going insane based on that last line
im filled with malice throughts to the brim
i swear that im fine

LOL! thats a vibin reference hoe
vibin in my camry thoughts racing back and forth it'll show
2 dollars, a bag in the trunk, and some more
the two i mentioned earlier they lives meant nothing more
than some god bloodied gnats enterin my home
hatred in my heart my futures lookin monochrome
i have nothing but malice intentions and im done

cruising past a house and it be lookin rather fine
im thinking of burglary and homocide on my mind
intrusive thoughts for the most part but i'm feeling impulsive
this episode feels like the last, a rash decision to bash the glass of this box

hammer in my hand, shotgun in my bag, approach the glass it shatters
my hopes and dreams of reaching the masses in a positive light


i find some cash, a stash of white glass, the ashes of a loved one
slam it into my bag if they ask it was the cat it stole your crap
uh oh i think i see a man coming to investigate the noise his life is his choice
i ready my arm for a rumble see a head poking out
"russel is that you" 2 shots rung out 1 mans now down

a woman comes running down to check the noise add another casualty
i casually review the corpses blood splattered on the walls i feel no shame
my aim wasnt to steal it was to mane i take my hammer smash their faces in
bodies mutilated beyond recognition