The Donut Mixtape (DELUXE)

The critically acclaimed Donut Mixtape's deluxe version has officially been released. With reviews such as,
"possibly the best hardcore industrial r&b project of the past 40 years" (-vibe meister/"vibin", professional music critic),
"This man a ate a beans uniuronicaly slaps." (-Jan Kowalski, YouTube commenter)
"to be honest this record does have some very could tracks personally the passing on this one is amazing and the time and effect that was obviously spent on this record shows" (-nosideaffectsbro, YouTube commenter)

The tape includes several new records, such as malice, squid stinks!, and 7/16/21. Heart felt emotions are on every single track, with donut clearly putting his all into this mixtape. You can listen to it above, and the lyrics are below.

donutJ (deluxe intro)
this man eating beans
consequences for every action (ft. north)
swag (interlude)
uranium 235 (freestyle)
squid stinks!
homosexual tendencies
original intro
totally legitimate moderator (ft. north)
#donut-speaks (freestyle)
test 5.32
the samples used