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this is me when i get The Anti-Bed Time Spray™ and my dog eats me


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Q: What is this?

A: Well, I'm not sure, but what I do know is a lot about Pillow #59296610 (we'll call P52). It was made in 1999, somewhere in Japan (I haven't found out yet). The pillow is stuffed with feathers, and occasionally leaks them (typically due to stress). What stress? Well being laid on, work, the 4 children it has to feed, sometimes even the fact that its partner sometimes wants to eat the feathers that come out of the pillow. P52's favorite hobbies include chess, being washed and then dried (it loves being warm), eating huamns (especially teens), crying until it floods the house. This pillow seems harmless, and for the most part, it is. Except when you make eye contact with it (or when it's hungry, it will eat the nearest teenager). Sometimes it opens its eyes and looks around. When one makes eye contact, it feels impossible to look away as the pillow's eyes open wider and wider, revealing more and more human eye and getting darker. Everything around you will become darker, and eventually the pillow will grow a mouth through its teeth and devour the being in over 250 tiny bites. The process takes anywhere from 2-18 hours. P52 likes swimming, despite it sinking and seemingly drowning. When the pillow loses enough stuffing it eventually needs seagull feathers (preference). P52 is set to be destroyed in -159291 years.

Image of the pillow.

Q: who made this

A: i did

Q: Why'd you make this?

A:because im bored and i want to make a website (and also learn basic coding i guess)

Q: *literally any personal question*


Q: what do you look like?

A: i look cute

Q: What's your favorite animal?

A: max n cheese


ha ha

i made you read this

theres absolutely nothing important to read here XD nerd

this is you rn


my girlfriend broke up with me


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lol idiot get prnaked


literally everything (coding, images, etc.): the mirror guy/donut guy/(number) inch pole/gaggshw